Virtual Social Media Manager (VSMM) in Bangladesh

First, let’s take a view on what Virtual Social Media Manager (VSMM) is. Virtual Social Media Manager (VSMM) is the brainchild of IMBD Agency to assist all social media services automatically and without interrupting your business. Actually it’s a ‘Well-Arranged’ platform where you get all your business peripherals controlled by a third party organization or […]

Terms & Condition of VSMM activation

These following policy will be applied as necessary for the VSMM subscriber of IMBD Agency: NewSubscriberswillbeconsideredafterpaying50%paymentofthe first month. Subscribershavetotaketheserviceatleastfor3months. If any subscriber wants to cancel subscription he/she have to confirm by submitting cancelation form of VSMM before minimum 1month Every VSMM subscriber will get a monthly progress report from IMBD Agency Subscriber has to pay […]

Why your website is not getting traffic!!

There are many reasons why your website does not get enough traffic. Many people want to know “Why is my website not getting traffic?” This is probably one of the most popular questions. Fortunately, there is an answer to this question, it is not easy but it is an explanation why some websites fail to […]

The Surprising Truth About Email Marketing in 2019

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Reason Your Website is Getting Traffic but No Sales

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