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What are your brand’s ideal customers searching for, and how can we help them find it? We work closely with our data team to derive insights from your company data and market data to uncover opportunities and inform effective strategies.

Recent Works !


Client: CUST
No of Keyword: 1
Success Rate: 100%
Project Complied on: 2015

Zamzam Travels on SERP, SEO by IMBD Agency

Client: Zamzam Travels BD
No of Keyword: 4
Success Rate: 100%
Project Complied on: February 2019

Make Future IT SEO by IMBD Agency

Client: Make Future IT
No of Keyword: 1
Success Rate: 100%
Project Complied on: 2016

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Higher rankings in organic search results establish your brand’s credibility in the eyes of your potential customers, signaling you ‘re the best in your industry, not just the one who paid for an ad. Studies have shown that SEO may have a better ROI than traditional marketing forms such as television and print ads. SEO is not magic like any other marketing method but it provides business visibility, branding, web traffic, high ROI, credibility, and insight into customer behavior.You may be concerned about the importance of SEO to a business where you may still have questions like this: Is SEO important to any business? Do you need to invest in SEO even if the online business isn’t actually done? So Book an appointment with us.

Working Process !

Keyword Research

Competitor Analysis

On-Page & Off-Page SEO

Reporting & Analyzing

If you’ve ever been looking for anything on Google, you know most people only click on the first few results and sometimes don’t even scroll past the first page! That’s why you need your business website to be one of the top results you can achieve by doing SEO properly with the latest algorithm. And On-Page is one of the most important factors in SEO that includes optimizing your website’s internal elements to make them more search engine friendly.

No matter how many links you drive to your site, if it’s not excellent on-site, you won’t get far.

Backlink Pricing!


For local and small business
$ 89 Monthly
  • 20 Social Bookmarking
  • 50 Blog Commenting
  • 05 Forum Posting
  • 01 Web 2.0
  • 10 Directory Submission
  • 01 Guest Posting
  • 00 Video
  • 01 PDF/Slide Share
  • 10 Others


Specially designed for SME
$ 159 Monthly
  • 40 Social Bookmarking
  • 80 Blog Commenting
  • 20 Forum Posting
  • 02 Web 2.0
  • 20 Directory Submission
  • 02 Guest Posting
  • 02 Video
  • 02 PDF/Slide Share
  • 20 Others


For E-Commerce Sites
$ 339 Monthly
  • 70 Social Bookmarking
  • 120 Blog Commenting
  • 30 Forum Posting
  • 05 Web 2.0
  • 30 Directory Submission
  • 05 Guest Posting
  • 05 Video
  • 05 PDF/Slide Share
  • 30 Others


As your custom preference.
$ 489 Monthly
  • 100 Social Bookmarking
  • 150 Blog Commenting
  • 50 Forum Posting
  • 10 Web 2.0
  • 50 Directory Submission
  • 10 Guest Posting
  • 10 Video
  • 10 PDF/Slide Share
  • 50 Others