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These following policy will be applied as necessary for the VSMM subscriber of IMBD Agency:

  • NewSubscriberswillbeconsideredafterpaying50%paymentofthe first month. Subscribershavetotaketheserviceatleastfor3months.
  • If any subscriber wants to cancel subscription he/she have to confirm by submitting cancelation form of VSMM before minimum 1month Every
  • VSMM subscriber will get a monthly progress report from IMBD Agency Subscriber has to pay the VSMM Bill as the billing date
  • If IMDB Agency fails to ensure the service quality then IMBD Agency is bounded to return the money of subscriber as their loss.
  • Subscribers will be able to upgrade their package anytime and they must have to pay 50% as the new package.
  • If any subscriber keeps due the bill for 1 month then his/her subscription will be paused.
  • If any certain occurrence interrupts your service delivery or quality we will report you ASAP.
  • Without our provided contents or services IMBD Agency will not take responsibilities for any kind of occurrence.
  • IMBD Agency holds all the authority for VSMM services.

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