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Virtual Social Media Manager (VSMM) in Bangladesh


First, let’s take a view on what Virtual Social Media Manager (VSMM) is, Virtual Social Media Manager (VSMM) is the brainchild of IMBD Agency to assist all social media services automatically and without interrupting your online marketing hassle.

Actually, it’s a ‘Well-Arranged’ platform where you get all your business peripherals controlled by a third party organization or you can say; a supportive company in a very defined way. From the concept of symbiosis, a supportive company or organization gives their effort to boost up the business of their client’s company. In order to do so, they apply some marketing policies using our regular social media platforms. This is the theme of Virtual Social Media Manager (VSMM).

Is Virtual Social Media Manager (VSMM) an innovation?

Well, now you are thinking about the existence of these types of business facilities from a very past. Yes, it’s true! But one thing is, in past times these facilities were not so much defined, and they were scattered, even still are! Since a Digital Marketing company named IMBD Agency from Bangladesh tried to figure out how these types of business support can be modified and arranged in a helpful procedure, the concept of VSMM was born. This took them about 3 years to do several related research and development to shape the VSMM, and still, they are working to make it more user friendly. So, we should say, it’s an excellent evolution rather than an innovation.

How Virtual Social Media Manager (VSMM) works:

Let’s take an example. Suppose you are an Owner or Chief Executive Officer of a newly established hair oil company. For selling your product you need marketing. You will have to think about a proper advertisement that copes with your budget. Besides, you just need to ensure good maintenance of your company as well as the employees while the other business strategies and factors are still there. To grow your business you don’t have any chance to get all these messy! In this case, it’s quite tough to maintain your marketing properly. Also, there are many sections such as advertisement design, platforms where to be advertised, types of campaigns, audience targeting, etc. Who will take care of all of these? Here comes the dependency on such an optimized system that can run your product campaign efficiently. Virtual Social Media Manager is a service where you can overcome the above marketing challenges.

VSMM targets social media platforms where your marketing should be done. Then with your collaboration the VSMM service provider company sketches out the marketing strategy for you. 

They –

  • Set up, organize, and modify social networking profiles.
  • Make content, videographies, etc for your product or service.
  • Maintain your website.
  • Create fruitful events on social media.
  • Maintain your company’s social links, groups, and pages on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, and others and boost them as necessary.
  • Target the apposite audience for your product or service.
  • Analyze every delicate response of the audience.
  • Monitor social media conversations for new messages, followers, and engagement.
  • Reply to and manage comments across social media accounts.
  • Generate weekly reports to show the progress of your campaigns.
  • Update your Business status on social platforms on a regular basis.
  • Compile marketing statistics from different analytics tools and native platforms.
  • Make your business trouble-free and help it grow properly.
  • Moreover, provide you all these assistance at a very reasonable cost.

Maybe maintaining your all social media platform professionally is time-consuming and costly for yours! So many companies are losing their audience from social media platforms for lack of content creators and social media experts. But hiring experts is expensive!! Well here is the perfect solution for you which is going to save your money and time and at the same time. It will ensure your Social media platform growth. Virtual Social Media Manager is going to take all the responsibility of all your social media platforms. A highly skilled team will take care of your social media platforms like the Facebook page, group, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and so many. This team consists of R&D, Graphics Designer, Copywriter,  Video editor, Voice over artist, Ads expert and Social media manager who will maintain your platforms and send you the progress report every month. And luckily this VSMM service starts at a tiny price. So save your time and money and invest it in your business.

Benefits of Virtual Social Media Manager (VSMM)

  • No need extra employees

When you are using VSMM service, you don’t need to think about extra manpower for your Digital Marketing. The VSMM team will manage all the hassles and involve their expert and experienced members as demand. R&D experts, Graphics Designers, Copywriters,  Video editors, Voice over artists, Ads experts and Social media managers are always ready to serve you the best output you want.

  • Occupational date content post

VSMM team members are very active at work. They will complete your tasks before the deadline as there are a good number of people involved in the team, they don’t need to take a huge time from their client. They ensure the quality service, and thus the business of their client grows. And in every business, prompt response from the service provider is the main key to success.

  • 24 Hours response by replying comment and message

As you are running your Digital Marketing, many feedback, queries, messages, notifications will arrive 24 hours a day. It is quite hard to communicate with all your audiences/ buyers. VSMM team will take this important and collaborate with them. At the same time, you can relax or concentrate on other sectors of your business. Because of 24 hours service clients feel free to ask any question about any service-related term.

  • No need a Video editor

When you feel that you need to post any video but don’t know how to take the shot or edit it in a professional way. Well, the expert video editor from the VSMM team will shoot videos and will edit them for you. Also, they make many 2D or 3D Animations, explainer videos that are relevant and can represent your business or services. They will make any type of video content possible for you.

  • No need graphics Designer

Expert graphics designers will make logos, edit your pictures, make posters, banners, complete other photo editing stuff. They will guide you about your social media profile pictures as well as cover photos. They will make Many event-covers, invitation cards, infographics of products, etc with care.

  • Nothing to worry about balance and card for Facebook paid ads

VSMM team will maintain your Facebook paid ads. They will also refill your balance as necessary. It’s a hassle because of the currency Facebook uses, sometimes it’s rarer in your locality. You just have to refill the money at a definite time of your service provider by your own available currency.

  •  No off day 

As the whole process is online-based, anyone from anywhere can work for it at any time. And that’s why the whole working system is not heavy for a VSMM team member. While working together in a team for social media management, this can generate a huge efficiency of progress. So they don’t need any off day.

  • Getting monthly growth report

In the team, there are some R&D experts. They record the progress data of your company, analyze them with some advanced tools and make decisions through regular research. So, you can get a weekly or monthly based growth report of your VSMM 

  • It will save your money 

From the above discussion, you may have understood the whole social media management is a complete package of several sectors of delicate work. If someone tries to cover these on his own, he/she will surely find it much more difficult as well as costly. And managing all these services separately is really a challenging fact. So, VSMM is the simplest solution which can save not only your money but also your valuable time.

Which social media are more dominating in Bangladesh

According to research by StatCounter, people from Bangladesh deal mostly with Facebook at a very high rate. Other platforms are way down at the percentage of usage. Almost 91.95% of the Social Media Market share is increased for Facebook, Where in the next position Youtube exists with 4.81%! The others are almost around 1% in usage.

However, this strategy leaves no room to argue that Facebook is the most dominating social media platform in Bangladesh. So, if the companies want to start social media marketing they should focus on Facebook at first.  Facebook Business Manager allows you to run many types of ads and branding campaigns relevant to your business niche. You can run your business pages and groups and give all the information you want to share about your business with people. And also Facebook is the easiest way to reach people from every walk of life. Audience tracking is very easy and customizable with the help of their smart Algorithms, and the ads are Fairly noticeable in Facebook UI. You can easily grab the attention of your desired audience and cust your ad in their Newsfeed, Story, Messenger chat list – anywhere you want! These facilities have changed the definition of Social media advertisements.

For this reason, VSMM service providers pay good attention to Facebook Marketing. Some promotional posts, ads, infographics published from your business pages, and performing good maintenance of these can easily boost up your business and give you huge organic reach. All these will be managed by your Social Media Manager.

Virtual Social Media Manager backdrop in Bangladesh

Although Bangladesh is economically not that strong, there’s a large number of small and medium business companies. According to some reports provided by Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA), we come to know that every year a good amount of entrepreneurs are investing their quality approaches to various types of businesses. These newcomers and small as well as medium companies often find it difficult to grow their business coping with the current world. VSMM is a very powerful support for them. Even many large and renowned companies in Bangladesh are demanding this service nowadays.

No doubt, this demand will increase day by day all over the world. And the field for social media manager jobs will soon become a good trend. Talking about IMBD Agency, the introducer company of VSMM; they are getting huge responses and feedback from many small to large companies for VSMM service. Currently, they are providing the service as demand through three packages- Bronze, Silver, and Gold.  Many other companies are coming forward to being inspired to provide VSMM services (Click Here to know more). Many job related sites like bdjobs, careerJET etc shows many jobs related to or inspired by VSMM service. Social media marketing companies in Bangladesh are now leading the online and offline business to a new era. Thus the culture is growing. Some businessmen think, perhaps this is the best way to enlarge a business. 

Regarding all these it seems, the future of business is here! What’s your opinion?

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Md. Nur Alam
Md. Nur Alam
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How to and where to get a SMM job?
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