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Why your next Marketing Platform is Facebook Messenger?

Facebook Messenger marketing

Messenger is undoubtedly successful, but here are the real reasons to find it your next marketing platform beside the raw numbers:


While old Facebook apps were mostly built for desktop use, with some mobile-ready developers going the extra mile, Messenger is an app that you can access to your iPhone, Android but it’s not a web-focused app like the old race of messengers, for example. AIM Remember? Did ICQ?

With Messenger being a mobile-first network, its bots will conquer the millions of cell phones that are primary computing tools for a lot of people. Which is precisely why the M.Me Messenger links are so relevant – they let users quickly access the platform – on the go!

Your customers like messaging:

Again, comparing Facebook Messenger apps with ‘old’ Facebook apps, particularly bots, is like comparing apples to oranges. What we want to do these days as users are to type out to our mates. That is the ‘interface’ that we like and use rather than Facebook itself – also Zuckerberg stated himself:

Messaging is among the few events that take place individuals do other than social networking. Eighty-five per cent of people are on Facebook in some countries, but 95 per cent use SMS or texting.

(Mobile) Developers Are Ready:

Developers weren’t fully prepared for the beast that the Facebook Platform is because when it was released and ALL the businesses around the world realized they needed to have a Facebook presence.

Today’s developers are well aware of both the strengths and limitations of the Facebook Platform as well as the sheer determination of their customers to establish a presence on the site.

Early Adopters Will Be Rewarded:

While I know you’d love to make sure bots are the right option for your next marketing campaign on Facebook, waiting might not be the right decision.

You can, of course, wait a month or two, see what everyone else is doing, and then maybe start preparing your project, but at that point, everyone and their grandmother will have a bot. So they won’t be BB8. Just like Runkeeper did with iOS or Farmville with the original Facebook website, you’ll gain the most visibility you would expect to be going quickly (like a startup).

Engage your existing Facebook customers:

If you’re reading this post, I’m pretty sure you’ve already got the following on the most prominent social network in the world. Facebook bots will let you take advantage of those followers and engage them even more – and sell them a little bit more!

Note that Facebook Bots are completely new within Facebook Messenger Platform so you may need to introduce the idea to your developers and the rest of the team. The best thing about it is that the ‘bots’ are fresh and exciting and can ramp up the team to create a whole new experience.

What’s interesting about the Facebook Messenger platform is that we’re still not 100 per cent sure how to make the most of it. We do not yet have a “winner” Facebook Messenger site. You may be the one that makes the network the best and builds the next great bot!

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Rowshon Habib Rony
Rowshon Habib Rony
2 years ago

nice post